Pop up cards, that will surprise you!

 Discover with Kiriarte a new concept of paper cards, based on an old Japanese technique called Kirigami.

Celebrate Spring with Kiriarte

Come and discover each of the cards.

Kiriarte and the literature

With the creation of two cards representing two of the greatest literary works, Don Quixote and El Principito, Kiriarte wanted to meet one of the greatest artistic expressions, the literature. Two cards that for their elegance and symbolism should like paper lovers, readers and anyone who dreams. The acquired rights of the Little Prince have …

Kiriare and social networks

Kiriarte is based on social networks with a dual purpose. On the one hand we want to present as many people our 3D cards and all associated items. Secondly, wewould like to interact with anyone interested in expanding their knowledge with this technique. That’s why Kiriarte is present on platforms such Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. …

Kirigami, the art to cut the paper

The kirigami is the art of paper to cut and the origami to fold it. Its name derives from the Japanese words “Kiri” which means “cut” and “gami”… “paper”. Its origin is ancient and was originally practiced in the East. Its application allowed the creation of decorative patterns making it a very creative technique. Over …